Crosswalk Projects

How does Saanich prioritize crosswalk installation and upgrades?

We receive many requests for new crosswalks or upgrades to existing crosswalks throughout the year and refer to the Transportation Association of Canada's Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide to determine if a crosswalk is warranted. We then determine which crosswalks are in the highest need of installation or upgrades by comparing all requested locations based on factors such as:

  • Pedestrian and vehicle volumes
  • Crossing distance of the road
  • Proximity to other crosswalks
  • Proximity to pedestrian generators (bus stops, schools, parks, recreation centres, shopping centres etc.)

Every year we work to complete the locations that are ranked highest and those that can be coordinated with sidewalk and cycling projects to help maximize our resources. 

If you have a location where you would like to see a crosswalk installed or upgraded, please email