Quick Build Active Transportation Projects

At the March 14, 2022 Council Meeting, Saanich Council approved eight short-term active transportation quick build recommendations from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC). More information about the progress of these short-term solutions can be found below. For an update on what progress we have made so far check out the progress report

1. Improve pedestrian crosswalks at 10 locations. 

The following locations have been selected for improvements:

  • Interurban at Columbine
  • Harriet at Maddock
  • Gordon Head at Feltham
  • Carey at Columbine
  • Cedar Hill at Rowan
  • Richmond at Knight
  • Arbutus at Hobbs/ Queenswood
  • Carey at Seaton
  • Interurban at Colquitz Trail (south of Marigold)
  • Tattersall at Savannah

2. Tillicum Rd. road space reallocation.

Detailed design is underway to reallocate road space and install protected bike lanes on both sides of the road. More information about this project and a concept is available on the Tillicum Road protected bike lanes page.

3. Install high visibility school area road markings and improved school zone signs.

  • High visibility vertical “school zone” or “school” supplementary tabs are being added to all school zone and school area signs in Saanich. Installation for this initiative began in May 2022 and is almost complete.  
  • High visibility “school house” ground markings for all schools with zones or areas on collector or major classified roads. These markings were piloted at 4 locations in Saanich in 2021 with great feedback. Most of the markings have now been installed - there are a few locations that are currently in construction and will have the markings installed at a later date.

4. Convert 5km of buffered bike lanes to protected cycling lanes by adding hard infrastructure.

Procurement for concrete curb is underway and location identification is in progress. 

5. Build 5km of pedestrian walkways.

On September 20th, Saanich Council directed staff to pause the pedestrian walkways project and instructed staff to report back with additional options for their consideration. An assessment of how best to address the need for pedestrian infrastructure is underway.

6. Install 8 bike boxes at signalized intersections.

The following locations have been identified:

  • Cordova Bay at Royal Oak at Blenkinsop (SB to EB, NB to WB, EB to NB)
  • Quadra at Tattersall (NB to WB)
  • Tillicum at Burnside (NB to WB, EB to NB)
  • McKenzie at Gordon Head (EB to NB, WB to SB)

7. Install pedestrian priority at 3 intersections in Saanich by removing pedestrian push buttons.

Planning work is underway.

8. Prioritize Rural Saanich upon adoption of the Speed Limit Establishment Policy.

The Speed Limit Establishment Policy was approved by Council on July 4, 2022.


Saanich Council Meeting Minutes March 14, 2022 [PDF - 235 KB]

Active Transportation Advisory Committee Memo to Council March 4, 2022 [PDF - 1 MB]