The Deputy Fire Chief (Administration) is our Municipal Emergency Program Coordinator. This position oversees the Saanich Emergency Program with support from three staff members.

During a major emergency, the Emergency Program calls upon staff from throughout the Municipality to respond. We have 150 municipal staff across nine Departments trained to work in an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

When the EOC is fully activated there is an EOC Director (the Boss), supported by Risk, Information and Liaison Officers (the Boss' helpers), supported by four functions: 

Operations (Do-ers) - responsible for coordinating all jurisdictional operations in support of the emergency response. 

Planning (Thinkers) - responsible for compiling, evaluating and disseminating situation information in coordination with other functions, anticipating/planning for future needs, and maintaining all EOC documentation.
Logistics (Getters) - responsible for ensuring the EOC is operational and providing/obtaining facility services, personnel, equipment, and materials. 

Finance (Payers) - responsible for cost accounting, compensation and other financial activities of the EOC. 

We also have approximately 100 Saanich volunteers to support the Emergency Operations Centre in a variety of ways.