The District of Saanich strives to increase community arts and cultural opportunities and capacity.


Upcoming opportunities:

Call for Exhibitions! Saanich Municipal Hall

  • After reading the exhibition application information, if you have further questions, please contact Brenda Weatherston at or 250-475-5557. 
We have one immediate opportunity for citizen involvement:
Saanich facilitates opportunities for its citizens and encouragement and support for its artists through:
  • Creating partnerships with local artists and groups, cultural and community associations, cultural organizations and businesses
  • Offering arts programming, exhibitions, special events and opportunities at The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, Municipal Hall and other venues
  • Contributing to the CRD Arts Development Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of 8 municipalities in the capital region CRD Arts Development Service

Learn more about Saanich's art and culture programs, facilities, and policies: