Arts, Culture, and Heritage Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 ACH Award Recipients

The District of Saanich and the Saanich ACH Advisory Committee are pleased to congratulate the winners of the 2022 ACH Awards. The awards ceremony was held on Monday, August 8 in Council Chambers. To learn more, see: 2022 ACH Award Recipients.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage (ACH) Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions made by individuals, groups, organizations and businesses that positively impact the cultural fabric of our municipality. The awards are an initiative of the Saanich ACH Advisory Committee and are held once per Council term.

Award Categories

  • Unsung Hero (Individual): Honours individuals who have made a significant contribution to arts, culture or heritage. Through leadership and/or effort, the impact they have made to the cultural fabric of Saanich is important, ground breaking and has come from a place of service to the community.
  • Cultural Steward (Organization or Group): Presented to organizations or groups that have been actively involved in promoting and nurturing arts, culture or heritage for several years in Saanich. Through their stewardship, they have increased public awareness and have made a positive impact on community quality of life.
  • Art of Business (Individual or Business): Recognizes businesses or individuals that have supported the sustainability of arts, culture or heritage in our community. Those nominated demonstrate excellence in raising awareness and support for arts, culture or heritage through financial, in-kind or voluntary investment.
  • Youth (Individual or Group): Acknowledges an individual or group under the age of 24 who has demonstrated strong commitment to arts, culture or heritage in Saanich. Through volunteering, acting as a role model or leader, or demonstrating exceptional accomplishment, they are making a difference in our community now and for the future.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (Individual): At the ACH Advisory Committee’s discretion, a special Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to acknowledge exemplary contributions by an individual in arts, culture or heritage.

Nomination and Selection Process

1)  Award Eligibility

Arts, culture and heritage enrich and enhance our municipality. Saanich ACH Awards recognize outstanding contributions made to the cultural environment of Saanich.

  • You can nominate anyone as long as their contribution to arts, culture or heritage, have outcomes that impacts Saanich.
  • Individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses based in Saanich or Greater Victoria are eligible for recognition.
  • Not eligible: Current members of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee, Saanich staff, and Saanich Council are not eligible to receive awards.
  • Nominations must be submitted by the deadline, signed (submitted by paper) or by personal declaration (submitted online).

2)  Selection Process and Criteria

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Awards Committee evaluates nominations on:

  • Award purpose and eligibility
  • Contributions to the criteria identified in the applicable award categories
  • Significance of contributions and their impact on the community
  • Leadership and/or service over a significant period of time (sustained effort) or level of involvement (magnitude of effort)

Awards will be only be granted in each category when eligible applications are received. A maximum number of three awards will be selected in each category. Recipients will receive an award of recognition and their name and award will be publicized.