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Importance of Stretching

All ages and abilities can S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Stretching does not have to be limited to before or after exercise, it can be done at any time and multiple times throughout your day. A few tips:

  1. Warm up the muscles first – march in a chair or standing on the spot.
  2. Hold each stretch at least 15-30 seconds.
  3. Ease yourself into the stretch, relax and do NOT push or bounce. It may feel uncomfortable but NOT painful.
  4. Breathe normally.
  5. It can be done anywhere.

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Saanich offers many programs that include STRETCHING check us out today, something for everyone.

Registered classes:

Cedar Hill Recreation Centre

Pilates Matwork - Ongoing                  Instructor: Debra Morrison
The next step up building on the basic movements. A continuation of the mat work class focuses on alignment, and core strength. Controlled, fluid pilates exercises improve range of motion while strengthening and stretching the body.
81750   M         Jul 4-Aug 29     7:00-8:00pm    8/$81

Yoga Pilates Fusion                              Instructor: Debra Morrison
A strong blend of yoga, pilates and traditional fitness conditioning increases strength, muscle definition, flexibility and balance. Combining breath work with fluid sequences burns calories and improves overall mind and body health.
81748   M         Jul 4-Aug 29     5:45-6:45pm    8/$81
81749   W         Jul 6-Aug 31     5:45-6:45pm    9/$91

Gordon Head Recreation Centre

Fitness 301                                              Instructor: Janeece Miller
Not a beginner and /or graduated from Fitness 101/201? Continue to build skills while increasing your fitness, knowledge and form. Bring your own mat. Maximum 6 participants.
79805   Tu, Th   Jun 28-Jul 28   9-10am            10/$110
79809   Tu, Th   Aug 2-Sept 1   9-10am            10/$110

Outdoor Bootcamp                                  Instructor: Fatima
Exercising outdoors is a great way to get fresh air and natural vitamin D! This is a high intensity class focusing on total body strengthening, increasing cardio vascular fitness, improving agility and developing a stronger core using the principals of HIIT. Bring your own exercise mat.
79862   Tu         Jun 28-Jul 26    6-7pm              5/$43
79864   Tu         Aug 2-30           6-7pm              5/$43

TRX Suspension Training                        Instructor: Karen Bogle
TRX Suspension training is a body-weight resistance system that is easily modified for all fitness levels. This program will give you total body strengthening in an innovative and fun format.     
79870   Tu         Jun 28-Jul 26    5:45-6:45pm     5/$53
79886   Tu         Aug 9-30           5:45-6:45pm     5/$53

Pearkes Recreation

Functional Fitness                                      Instructor:Wanda Hanna
A group class that readies your body for daily activities. The class begins with a gentle warm up followed by exercises that are designed to prepare you for daily movements like bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting and walking.
78420   Tu         July 5 - Aug 30   10:30-11:30am    8/$66

Saanich Commonwealth Place

Zumba                                                           Instructor: Sam Avis
Zumba fitness classes eliminate the 'work' from 'working out' by combining amazing, irresistible Latin and international music with dynamic, yet simple exercise moves. Even if you have two left feet, you'll love attending ZUMBA fitness classes.
84303   F          Jul 8-Aug 19         6:15-7:15pm      7/$77

Boxing 50+                                                   Instructor: Don Ouelette
Punch up your fitness routine with boxing for fitness. We focus on form & proper technique, to ensure you have fun working out. Improve muscle memory, coordination, strength, balance and endurance, all while decreasing your risk of injury. Boxing can even help you manage the different symptoms of chronic conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease. This program will include shadow boxing, controlled punching using hand pads, and modified boxing conditioning drills. This fun & progressive program is designed for all fitness levels.
80697   Su        Jul 10-Jul 31        8:15-9:15am      4/$42
80698   Su        Aug 7-Aug 28     8:15-9:15am      4/$42

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