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What is the role of the Saanich Fitness Committee?

The Saanich fitness committee is composed of 9 Recreation Programmers with expertise in weight room, wellness, fitness, older adults etc. Together we have over 140 years of experience in field. The committee is responsible for implementing and overseeing community activities and programs. We are an active group who currently participate in some of these activities:

Biking, Running, Weight training, Walking, Yoga, Cross training, TRX, Waterfitness, Hiking, Dancing, Swimming, Paddling, and Fishing         

Many of us participate in our health and fitness programs and have even been known to teach! 

Our recent work includes researching new cardio and strength equipment for the weight rooms. Each piece of equipment in the weight room has a life span. We work with Finance to gather proposals from a variety of companies. Once all proposals are in, there is a scoring process and we check references with other facilities that may have the same piece of equipment if we are unfamiliar or were not able to demo it. We prefer to work with companies that have a good carbon footprint reduction plan.

Kristy - Photo Credits: Chase White

Annelise, Deanna & Ruth

Ruth - Cattle Point

Deanna & Tyler

Saanich Commonwealth Place - Dynamic Duo Feature

Did you know that Ruth Smith and Kristy Webster were the masterminds behind the “fitness relocation operation” during Saanich Commonwealth Place’s extended closure? They realized that five weeks was too long for participants to be without their fitness classes and for instructors to be without work. Little changes are enough to de-rail some people’s fitness routines, and this was a big change and EXTENDED change for the instructors and YOU! This dynamic duo knows fitness is more than moving your body through a range of motion. It is about physical and mental wellbeing and making social connections. They went to work and relocated 85% of the programs. This meant figuring out details around staff, equipment, sound systems, safety procedures, and you, our participants. Everyone then had to learn new safety procedures, where the new locations were, and the list goes on. Kristy created multiple schedules and worked with Ruth, Derek, and Lisa to divide and conquer. There was a supervisory staff member from SCP working at each new location to support the instructors, trouble shoot, and greet participants.

Outstanding teamwork! We couldn't have done it with out you Kristy and Ruth!

Many thanks!

 Ruth – Programmer II                                                  

Kristy – Programmer I

On behalf of your Saanich Fitness Committee,

Deanna Roch