Saanich Cedar Hill Golf Course Service Review

GGA Partners have completed a comprehensive review of golf operations at Cedar Hill Golf Course, the local golf market, and golf industry trends and best practices across Canada and beyond. Parks, Recreation and Community Services is pleased to share the results of that review below.

Phase One Research Report.pdf
Recommendations Report.pdf

The review will include an analysis of whether Cedar Hill Golf is optimally positioned to achieve maximum managerial and operational effectiveness. Elements of the review will include: 

  • Determining whether appropriate operating and capital resources are in place to maintain and improve course conditions
  • Analyze food and beverage operations and provide recommendations to optimize food and beverage services at the course and ensure financial sustainability
  • To ensure golf revenues support ongoing maintenance and long-term capital investment

A key deliverable for GGA Partners was to engage with Cedar Hill Golf Club (CHGC) golfers and CHGC, along with District staff, as key stakeholders. Focus groups have taken place with CHGC members, and separately with District staff in January 2021. Subsequently a survey has been developed to go out to a broader group of community golfers and stakeholders. 

The review has been divided into two phases

The first phase will focus on the shorter term, and will include market analysis, operational and financial review, benchmarking and stakeholder assessment. This report will include recommendations on opportunities for financial and operational performance such as on the administrative and organizational structure; food and beverage operations; proposed fee structures and supporting rationale; and revenue enhancement and programming recommendations. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of February. 

The second phase will focus on capital, facility improvements and long-term financial sustainability.