Saanich taking steps to make Cedar Hill Cross Road safer, invites public input

March 30, 2023

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Saanich taking steps to make Cedar Hill Cross Road safer, invites public input


Saanich, BC The District of Saanich invites residents to participate in a survey to provide information about Cedar Hill Cross Road in an effort to improve transportation safety in the area.

“Transportation safety is extremely important to Saanich,” said Director of Engineering Harley Machielse. “Hearing from residents and those who travel through the Cedar Hill Cross Road area is an important step in developing a plan to improve safety for everyone.”

The focus of the public survey is to hear suggestions about how we can make short-term improvements to make this busy road more comfortable for those who travel in the area while we work on finalizing funding for long-term improvements. Staff will review the feedback received and create a draft plan for the area by Fall 2023.

The plan will build on safety enhancements already completed. In recent years, the District has installed Leading Pedestrian Intervals at the Blenkinsop and Braefoot intersections, as well as improvements in the section between Merriman Drive and Jennifer Road to create separation between vehicles and pedestrians.

Cedar Hill Cross Road carries almost 19,000 vehicle trips per day and is identified in the District’s Active Transportation Plan as a future cycling route.

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