Saanich Council adopts new Strategic Plan

September 26, 2023

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Saanich, BC – Saanich Council has adopted the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan [PDF - 3 MB] to guide the next four years and beyond. The plan includes themes and objectives to move the community toward the Saanich vision.

“The strategic priorities outlined in this plan reflect the major priorities Saanich residents shared with us,” said Mayor Dean Murdock. “The plan will guide our work over this term with a focused approach that helps create a stronger future for everyone in Saanich. We are committed to creating a community that we can all be proud of, enjoy and celebrate.”

The Strategic Plan acts as a road map that guides Saanich’s priorities, processes and long-term work plans. Over time, new priorities, opportunities, demands and challenges will emerge, and may be incorporated into the strategic planning process.

The plan includes six theme areas:

  • Climate action and environmental leadership
  • Community well-being
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Economic development
  • Organizational excellence

The Strategic Plan is closely tied to the five-year Financial Plan, also known as the budget. The priorities in the Strategic Plan help inform Council’s decision-making during annual budget deliberations. The funded initiatives and actions in the Strategic Plan are implemented through departmental work plans. 

Saanich vision

The Official Community Plan outlines the fundamental values and goals of our community. It embraces three core focus areas for Saanich over the next 20 years: environmental integrity, social well-being, and economic vibrancy.

Saanich is committed to making steady progress toward the Saanich vision with the initiatives and actions in the plan while remaining responsive to the needs and interests of our residents.

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Read the full 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, including detailed themes, objectives and initiatives, at

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