Provide your input toward Saanich’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Urban Forest Strategy update

April 4, 2023

Saanich, BC – The District of Saanich is offering several opportunities for public input to develop Saanich’s first Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and to update its Urban Forest Strategy.

Community members are invited to provide feedback via questionnaires, open houses, and through the online community Story Map tool.

“Council and I strongly support the update to Saanich’s Urban Forest Strategy and the creation of the District’s first Biodiversity Conservation Strategy,” said Mayor Dean Murdock. “Saanich is committed to supporting resilient, sustainable, and healthy communities. By investing in the creation of these strategies, we are supporting the protection and enhancement of our urban forest and some of the world’s most unique and rare species and ecosystems. These are vital for our community’s well-being. Together, with our partners and community, we are helping to build a healthier and more sustainable Saanich for generations to come.”

Saanich’s Urban Forest Strategy guides urban forestry management in the municipality and was endorsed by Council in 2010. The Urban Forest Strategy Update will recommend a clear vision and framework to manage Saanich’s urban forest over the next 50 years with a roadmap for its implementation over the next 10 years.

The State of Urban Forest Report is an analysis of the state of Saanich’s urban forest and is the foundation for updating the Urban Forest Strategy. The report contains five sections of extensive review and analysis and was presented to Council for information on March 6, 2023.

The State of Biodiversity Report provides information about ecosystems, ecological communities and species that exist in Saanich, where they are located the capacity of natural areas to support biodiversity,  and key threats to biodiversity, along with identifying data limitations and gaps. The report was presented to Council for information on March 13, 2023 and is part of Milestone 2 of the Resilient Saanich project.

The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy will be developed based on relevant findings gathered in the State of Report, recommendations from the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee (RSTC), and public input. This strategy is a significant deliverable of Milestone 3 of the Resilient Saanich project.

Public input opportunities

  • Questionnaires available from April 4 to May 8.
  • Joint Urban Forest Strategy and Biodiversity Strategy Open Houses:

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Media contact:
Alix Link
Manager of Urban Forestry, Natural Areas, and Community Stewardship
250-475-5494 ext. 5544