Shelbourne Valley Action Plan

The Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (SVAP) will guide land use and transportation decisions in the Shelbourne Valley over the next 30 years.

The Short Term Mobility Actions identified in the plan are being implemented under the Shelbourne Street Improvements Project (SSIP). For more details visit!
Adoption by Council
At a public hearing on May 1, 2017 Saanich Council gave final approval to the SVAP. The SVAP was adopted as an Appendix O of the Official Community Plan Bylaw.

Plan Highlights

  • Strengthening of Centres and Village as vibrant community hubs that provide a range of goods and services within walking distance of most households;
  • new design for Shelbourne Street that includes separated cycling facilities, transit enhancements, and a safe, more enjoyable pedestrian environment;
  • Short-term actions that will add a continuous bike facility on Shelbourne Street, upgrade 2.3 km of sidewalk and enhance pedestrian and transit condition in Centres (for more details see Shelbourne Street Improvements Project);
  • More housing opportunities along Shelbourne Street to support transit, improve housing choice and enable improvements to the public realm;
  • A network of greenways and bikeways that provide improved walking and cycling opportunities for people of all ages and abilities;
  • A better-designed community that improves the relationship between buildings and pedestrian areas and highlights streets as a space for community enjoyment and activity;
  • A healthier environment through Bowker Creek restoration, environmentally significant areas protection and urban forest enhancement.

Planning Process Highlights

Short-Term Mobility Design Options

In September and October 2016, public feedback was received on three options for short-term mobility improvements. On December 5, 2016 Council endorsed in principle a preferred set of short term mobility actions (Option 3) and directed staff to incorporate the actions into the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan.

Option 3

Options 3 responds to key public concerns expressed during the review of Options 1 and 2.  It includes significant pedestrian improvements, adds a continuous bike facility on Shelbourne Street (with 50% physically separated) and retains four travel lanes for 65% of Shelbourne Street. 
Public feedback opportunities were available in September and October 2016.  In the public survey completed by 1,327 people.
  • 60% indicated they supported Option 3
  • 24% indicated they supported Option 3 in part
  • 16% indicated they did not support Option 3

View Slides of Option 3 Design [PDF - 4.6 MB]

View Option 3 Traffic Analysis [PDF - 5.8 MB]

View the Option 3 video.

Options 1 and 2

Option 2, which featured a continuous bike lane and some travel lane reductions on Shelbourne Street was favoured by the majority of respondents to the initial survey.  However, a number of key issues and ideas for improvement were also identified in public feedback.  Those ideas and issues identified in public feedback informed the development of Option 3.
Options 1 and 2 were presented for public feedback in February and March 2016.
View the Option 1 and Option 2 videos.



Council Report on Implementation Options

On October 5, 2015, Council directed staff to seek public input on mobility improvement options. Details on potential options are included in the supplemental report.

Supplemental Report - Implementation Analysis of Mobility Actions [PDF - 6.4 MB] - September 22, 2015 

Proposed Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (2014)

A Shelbourne Valley Action Plan was considered by Council, with community input, at their June 9, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting. At that meeting, Council referred the Plan to a public hearing (date to be determined) with the request that staff prepare a supplemental report with information on timelines and funding for implementing the Plan prior to the Public Hearing.

Staff Report for June 9th Committee of the Whole Meeting  [PDF - 2.2 MB]


On August 10, 2009, Saanich Council approved the Terms of Reference [PDF - 156 KB] for the Saanich Planning Dept. to undertake the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan.

The process for developing the Plan has involved extensive public consultation. A Stakeholders Committee made up of stakeholders who live, work, or have a special interest in the Valley, helped guide the public consultation process and helped identify key issues. Open Houses, surveys, and community mapping, are some of the tools that have been used to garner public input.

Key community engagement events include:

  • January 2010: Project Initiation Open House
  • January 2011: Open House to reveal Vision Survey and Community Mapping results
  • 2012: Open House and Survey: Options and Concepts for the Valley
  • 2013: Open Houses and Survey: Draft Shelbourne Valley Action Plan
  • 2016: Engagement on Short-Term Mobility Options

Planning studies that contributed to the Plan include: