Crowdsourced data helps drive cycling safety in Saanich

January 10, 2017

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Saanich, BC – Have you ever wondered how the District of Saanich decides where to build new bike lanes and sidewalks? Saanich is working on a 30-year active transportation plan called Moving Saanich Forward that looks at those very details.

Saanich has partnered with and the UVIC SPAR (Spatial Pattern Analysis & Research) lab to help with the process. Our partners use data collected by their innovative crowdsourced mapping tool to identify cycling near miss and collision hot spots around the municipality. is a unique tool that lets citizens build a database by mapping their riding experience on a website or mobile app. Previously, only 30% of bike collision data was collected and there was no system to centralize or report near misses.

Recently, the data for Saanich was analyzed and categorized into hot spots [PDF - 5.4 MB] by the team. Project planners at Saanich used the results as one of the criteria in selecting cycling infrastructure projects. As a result, Saanich currently has projects underway that will make significant changes to three of the identified areas: Lansdowne Road, Borden Street near McKenzie Avenue and McKenzie Avenue near Shelbourne Street. These changes include the construction of separated cycling lanes and pathways.

“We are excited to be able to work with to help make Saanich a safer place for people riding bikes. We are proud to be able to take action by actively making changes to these prominent locations identified on the mapping,” said Harley Machielse, Director of Engineering.

Further analysis and project prioritization using the data will take place as part of Moving Saanich Forward, Saanich’s active transportation plan, currently underway.

Get Involved

Residents are invited to complete the Moving Saanich Forward interactive online survey. The goal is to hear from all residents, no matter how they move around – on foot, wheelchair or scooter, by car, bicycle or skateboard. It’s important to learn why active transportation is important to residents and what would encourage them to use these options more often. The survey is available at from now until January 24, 2017.

The Moving Saanich Forward team will also be out in the community throughout 2017, hosting a variety of events and activities as we explore how to improve and expand walking, cycling and other active mobility options in Saanich. Our first event is January 10. See our calendar for more information.

Residents are also encouraged to visit to contribute to this important initiative!

Learn More

For more information on the Moving Saanich Forward process or to get involved, please visit Find us on social using #movingsaanichfwd and by following us on Facebook: and Twitter: 



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