Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The Property Tax Pre-Authorized Payment Plan is an optional payment plan that provides an opportunity for taxpayers to make monthly payments towards the upcoming year's property taxes through an automatic deduction from their bank account.


  • You must be the property owner.
  • You must have a chequing account at a Canadian financial institution.
  • Written notice is required ten (10) business days prior to the withdrawal date to: a) discontinue participation in the plan, b) change the withdrawal amount, or c) update the banking information.
  • A service charge ($20) will be applied to your account for dishonoured payments.
  • After two consecutive returned payments, your participation in the plan will be cancelled.

Property Tax Plan

  1. All outstanding taxes, penalties, and interest must be fully paid before deductions can begin for the pre-authorized payment plan.
  2. Withdrawals are effective on the first of the month for ten (10) months starting in August and ending in May.
  3. The plan automatically continues each year unless written notification to cancel has been provided.
  4. The registered owner must notify the District of Saanich to cancel the plan on a sale or transfer of the property. Credits must be adjusted between purchaser and vendor on the statement of adjustments.
  5. The District of Saanich will recalculate the monthly withdrawal amount according to the latest tax bill each year (less home owner grant, if applicable). Your recalculated amount will be noted on your property tax bill each year.
  6. Monthly installments are based on an estimate and are not a guarantee of the amount of property taxes that will be levied. Ensure you check your annual tax notice for any outstanding balance. Any outstanding balance is to be paid manually by the tax due date. Outstanding balances after the tax due date are subject to penalty(s).
  7. It is the responsibility of the registered owner to claim the Home Owner Grant (if eligible) before the penalty date each year to avoid any penalties. Claim the home owner grant online with the Province at or phone 1-888-355-2700.
  8. Prepayment interest will be paid on the tax account credit balance effective January 1 of each year, and then on each monthly prepayment including April 1. The interest is calculated to the July property tax due date.
  9. The prepayment interest is 3% below bank prime rate on December 15 of the preceding year.
  10. Refunds are not available on the plan.

Utility Billing Withdrawals

  1. The balance owing on your utility bill will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date (every four (4) months).
  2. The amount may be different for each utility bill, as part of the bill is based on water consumption.
  3. Interest is not payable in the event of a credit balance on your utility bill.

How to apply

Complete and submit this form (Pre-authorized Application) with a void cheque or pre-authorized debit form by:

  • Mail/ Drop Box/ In Person -

District of Saanich
770 Vernon Avenue
Victoria BC  V8X 2W7

  • Email 

How to Cancel

To cancel your pre-authorized payment plan we require a written request 10 days prior to the next instalment.  Please email us at or