Penalties and Late Payments

Property taxes are due the first business day of July. If you don’t pay your property taxes by the due date, you’ll receive a 10% penalty on the amount owing. The penalty is mandated by Provincial legislation; see Municipal Tax Regulation 426/2003.

Daily interest will be added to any balance remaining on the account on December 31.  The interest rate on taxes in arrears or delinquent is established by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. 

Home Owner Grant

Remember to claim your home owner grant each year by the tax due date. If we don’t receive your grant application by then, you will receive a 10% penalty.  


If you want to defer your taxes, remember to submit your deferment application or renewal form to us by the tax due date.

Tax Sale

Tax Sale is a public auction of properties within a municipality which have three years of outstanding property taxes.

Claim your Home Owner Grant

Remember to apply for your home owner grant each year if eligible. We must receive all home owner grant applications on or before the tax due date to avoid penalty.  Read more about claiming your home owner grant.

Claim the grant online.