New Owners

If you recently bought a property in Saanich, contact us to get an account update.

Pay your property tax by the first business day in July each year to avoid a 10% penalty. If you do not have a copy of your tax notice, contact us. We’ll send you one. We can also help you in person at the Municipal Hall.

Paying your property tax

There are many different ways to pay your property tax. Learn more about the payment options to find a method that works for you.

View your account details online

Create a MySaanich account to view your account details. Your folio number at the top left hand side of your tax notice will allow you to add your tax account. Contact us and we can provide you with your account information.

Home Owner Grant

To receive the Home Owner Grant, you need to claim it by the first business day in July each year.

Learn more:

Claim your Home Owner Grant

Remember to apply for your home owner grant each year if eligible. We must receive all home owner grant applications on or before the tax due date to avoid penalty.  Read more about claiming your home owner grant.

Claim the grant online.