Changing Your Mailing Address


If you want to change your mailing address, please email your request. We require this information in writing to update your account.

  • It is your responsibility, as property owner, to contact us if you do not receive your property tax notice in early June.

Land Title Mailing Address Updates

LTSA encourages property owners to update the address on their title to where they can receive mail, so they don’t miss important property information.  The address on title is where information about a property may be sent, such as assessment, property tax and speculation tax notices.  Property owners are encouraged to ensure it is an address where they can receive mail.  It does not have to be the address of the property.

BC property owners can update the mailing address on a land title online using the BC Services Card app.  The option to mail or deliver an application in person by appointment at a Land Title Office is also available.  To learn more or start an application click here.