Schools in Saanich

A number of schools serve Saanich

Saanich has two school districts

For information on schools, student registration and other related matters, please see their websites:

For information on our independent schools, explore the BC Ministry of Education online search tool.

Saanich is home to post-secondary education

Two of the region’s largest post-secondary institutions are in Saanich.

Camosun College 

  • Serves about 18,000 learners a year between two campuses.
  • Offers certificate, diploma, bachelor's degree and continuing education programs. 
  • Two campuses: Lansdowne and Interurban

University of Victoria

  • Globally recognized research-intensive university. 
  • Offers innovative programs for more than 20,000 students.

In addition, we are pleased to offer many of our recreation, fire prevention and community services outreach programs in cooperation with a number of schools.