How do I get on a bidders list?

We don’t maintain bidders lists. Instead, please regularly review our opportunities

Where do you advertise?

We post all opportunities on our website. We place notices on BC Bid for goods or services $75,000 or more, and construction $200,000 or more.

Where do I pick up quotations, proposals, and tender documents?

You can find these in the document section for each opportunity

Where do I drop off quotations, proposals, and tender documents?

Drop off your documents on the 2nd floor of 770 Vernon Ave. Victoria BC. It is critical that you drop them off on or before the time specified in the document.

Can I receive a copy of the bidders list for a specific project?

We do not retain a bidders list or bidders registry. If an opportunity has a mandatory site visit, we post a list of the attendees as a document.

Do I need a business licence to do business with Saanich?

Yes, any company operating in Saanich needs a valid inter-municipal licence or District of Saanich business licence.  You don’t need a business licence to send in a bid.

How can I contact you?

Call us at 250-475-5494 ext. 3481 or email purchase@saanich.ca

I have been asked to do work for Saanich, but don’t have a Purchase Order. Should I proceed?

A Purchase Order is required unless a Saanich staff member intends to pay with a corporate credit card; please check before you start.

The Purchase Order will provide details on the term and conditions. You need valid insurance on file with the District for any work or services you perform on Saanich property.

Where do I get bid results?

We post the successful vendors on the bid opportunities page.

Can I come in and meet with someone?

Absolutely. You can arrange appointments by calling us at 250-475-5494 ext. 3481 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.