Professional Consulting Services (2022 Intake)

Competition Number: RFSQ 02/21 (2022 Intake)

Bid Title: Professional Consulting Services (2022 Intake)

Posted Date: May 18, 2022, 12:00am

Closing Date: November 17, 2022, 3:00pm

Last Modified: November 17, 2022, 12:50pm

Status: Closed



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This Request for Supplier Qualifications (“RFSQ”) is an invitation by the Corporation of the District of Saanich (the “District”) to prospective respondents to qualify in accordance with Evaluation of Responses (Part 2) for eligibility to provide Professional Consulting Services as further described in Section A of the RFSQ Particulars (Appendix C) (the “Deliverables”).

The District is issuing this RFSQ (2022 Intake) to qualify suppliers for eligibility to provide professional consulting services on an “as and when requested” basis across various District departments.  The qualified suppliers meeting the requirements and conditions in the RFSQ process will be invited to enter into a Master Agreement, and placed on the Qualified Supplier Roster (“QSR”).  As further detailed in section 2.7, the District intends to rely on the QSR as the method to procure the bulk of its Professional Consulting Services requirements. Purchasing Services will manage and administer the Master Agreement and QSR on behalf of the District.

This invitation is the “six months following the initial establishment” intake.

Please note this RFSQ (2022 intake) is open to any new suppliers wishing to apply to be included in the QSR and Suppliers presently on the Qualified Supplier Roster (QSR) that want to apply for new categories, or any categories they were not pre-qualified.

 NOTE: If a supplier is currently qualified and on the QSR and satisfied with their service categories, no action is required and you do NOT need to re-apply.

Please be aware that all submissions must be made through the Saanich Procurement Portal:

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