Consulting Services, Cadboro Bay Rd and Saanich Rd-Short St Utilities Upgrade

Competition Number: RFQ 23-155

Bid Title: Consulting Services, Cadboro Bay Rd and Saanich Rd-Short St Utilities Upgrade

Posted Date: November 8, 2023, 12:00am

Closing Date: November 28, 2023, 3:00pm

Last Modified: January 10, 2024, 10:20am

Status: Awarded

Awarded: McElhanney Consulting Services


Note: This will be the only notice posted on this site concerning this project. All documents/addenda are only available for download/submission on Saanich Procurement Portal

This RFQ is issued to Suppliers on the Qualified Supplier Roster for Service Category #07 - Civil Engineering, Municipal established by the Request for Supplier Qualifications RFSQ 02/21 Professional Consulting Services (the “RFSQ”) for the purpose of conducting a second stage selection (“Roster Competition”) process pursuant to the Master Agreement. Only Suppliers that were prequalified under RFSQ 02/21 are eligible to respond to this RFQ. Quotations submitted by any other respondents will not be considered. 

The District of Saanich is seeking engineering consulting services for detailed design and construction services for the replacement of watermain, sanitary sewer and storm drain pipes at two project locations. As part of Saanich’s infrastructure improvement program, it is planned to: 1. Replace the watermain, sanitary sewer and storm drain on Cadboro Bay Road from Cherrilee Crescent to Tudor Avenue; 2. Replace the sanitary sewer and relocate from SMH002671 on Saanich Road to SMH002655 on Oak Street. The scope includes pre-engineering to confirm the construction method to be utilized, compiling background data, preparing base plans, preliminary design, detailed engineering design, tendering, providing engineer of record services, and construction services during construction for the projects.

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