ShakeOut: Saanich shares tips for unconventional situations

October 12, 2022

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Saanich Emergency Program Officer Captain Erin Stockill and Emergency Program Secretary Paige Marshall demonstrate how to protect yourself during an earthquake.

Saanich, BC – ‘Drop, cover and hold on’ is our mantra during the Great British Columbia ShakeOut, but what if you aren’t able to crawl under a desk or table when an earthquake hits? Saanich has you covered with some useful tips and reminders.

“No table or desk available to crawl under? No problem,” said Brock Henson, Deputy Fire Chief. “The main things we want you to remember are to drop to your hands and knees, get to a safe place beside secure furniture or an interior wall and stay calm. Life can get busy, but prioritizing ShakeOut is a great opportunity to practice earthquake safety and update your household emergency plan and kit.”

As part of the ShakeOut drill on October 20, 2022, Saanich staff will practice earthquake safety along with over 1 million other British Columbians at 10:20 a.m. Whether at home or at work – residents are encouraged to be prepared, have a plan and make a kit.

Saanich’s website and social media channels are the best ways to receive information during emergency situations. Check out our social media handles and the emergency notification page demonstration on

Quick Facts:

  • Saanich showcases the emergency notification page on twice per year: on ShakeOut Day and during Emergency Preparedness Week in May.
  • The page is enabled in the event of an emergency and provides residents with important information when accessing any Saanich web page.
  • Don’t forget to enter the ShakeOut colouring contest. Visit to enter and win great prizes!

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  • For more information or to register for ShakeOut BC, please visit:  
  • To view the emergency notification page during ShakeOut BC, please visit:  
  • To learn more about emergency preparedness, presentations or volunteering with the Saanich Emergency Program, contact 250-475-7140.

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