Own property in Saanich and planning to add or remove soil from it? We’ve created a new Deposit and Removal of Soil Bylaw

November 22, 2022

We’ve made some changes to our previous Deposit of Fill and Soil Removal Bylaws and combined them into one that’s more modern and comprehensive. 

Key changes include:

  • Soil placement, relocation, and removal volumes that can take place without a permit are proportional to lot area, with a lifetime maximum.
  • All soil placement and removal activities must adhere to performance criteria whether a permit is required or not.
  • Non-soil material, such as construction waste, may not be placed on any lot in the District of Saanich (except in specific circumstances).
  • We removed overlapping requirements with other municipal and provincial legislation.
  • New application fee, permit fee, and deposit amounts.

The new bylaw can be viewed here. [PDF - 172 KB]

Information about Deposit and Removal of Soil Permits and other Engineering permits is available on the Engineering Permits page.