Visit the last pop-up dog park this summer at Cadboro-Gyro

August 23, 2021

Visit the last pop-up dog park this summer at Cadboro-Gyro

Starting August 24, Cadboro-Gyro Park in Saanich is the last location for our pop-up dog park pilot program this summer. The pop-up will be open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily until September 7.

This spring, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association approached Council with an idea for an enclosed dog park in Cadboro-Gyro Park. In response, Council directed staff to develop a pop-up dog park pilot program in a number of parks, including Cadboro-Gyro Park, to gather more information and collect feedback.

Animal Control Bylaw temporary exception

The pop-ups previously rotated through Fowler, Hyacinth, Gorge, and Rudd Parks for two-week periods. Cadboro-Gyro Park is different than the previous pop-up locations because our Animal Control Bylaw states that from the months May through August dogs are not allowed at:

“Cadboro Bay-Gyro Park and the public beach at Cadboro Bay lying between the easterly boundary of Gyro Park and the boundary of the Municipality of Oak Bay, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day.”

This bylaw is under review and Council has been discussing amendments to this bylaw for several months. The situation is complex and will come back to Council for decision in the near future.

As this is a pilot project, we will make an exception to allow people to bring their dogs through Cadboro-Gyro Park to access the area. Dogs on leash are recommended.  Please note that as of September 1, the seasonal restrictions change and dogs will again have full access to the park.

Next steps

We encourage you to complete the online survey intended for all park users related to the pop-up dog parks. Parks staff will prepare a summary report on the pop-up dog parks to present to Council this fall which will include observations, comments and survey results.

Learn more

Visit for the pop-up dog park schedule and more information. 

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