Saanich launches online citizen survey

February 8, 2021

Saanich launches online citizen survey

The District of Saanich will launch its first mid-term citizen survey February 8, 2021.

Council committed to conducting smaller online surveys in between the larger citizen and business surveys conducted every four years following the start of a new council term.

On behalf of Saanich, BC Stats will conduct the statistically-significant surveys by invitation only to up to 400 residents over the next six weeks. Randomly selected residents will receive a postcard by mail with a unique access code to participate in the online survey. Participants will be asked to answer questions on topics such as municipal service delivery, safety and quality of life in Saanich, value for taxes and Council decision making among others.

Please consider participating if you receive an invitation by mail. Council uses the input from residents to guide decisions on a variety of initiatives and services. The survey results will be presented at the June 21 council meeting.

BC Stats is the provincial government’s leader on statistical and economic research, information and analysis. If you have any questions about completing this survey, please contact BC Stats at or 250-883-9056.

Past citizen and business survey results are available at