Saanich implements recommendations from golf services review

September 17, 2021

Saanich implements recommendations from golf services review

The District of Saanich will implement recommendations from its recent golf services review to improve the Cedar Hill Golf Course.

Cedar Hill Golf Course has a prime location, excellent course conditions, high customer satisfaction and very high demand for its services. It is critical to plan for a sustainable future for the course, and continue to improve value for money for both golfers and taxpayers in general.

The comprehensive review of golf course operations was conducted in early 2021 by international consulting firm Global Golf Associates. This firm advises many of the world’s most successful golf courses and helps course owners maximize success. The review found multiple aspects that can be improved that will lead to more efficient and financially sustainable operation and provide maximum value for course players and for taxpayers overall. Key recommendations include:

  • Fees and rates: increasing the peak rate, phasing out the annual pass and introducing a continuous or ‘flex’ pass.
  • Capital priorities: Several short and longer term capital priorities were identified including drainage improvements.
  • Relationship with Cedar Hill Golf Club: Changing the relationship with the Cedar Hill Golf Club and becoming more in line with municipal golf course practices.
  • Future operating structure: An operating model with a golf management contractor to run both golf operations and the concessionary food and beverage service.

Saanich staff prepared an implementation plan that outlines the approach and timing to execute various aspects of the recommendations from the review. Overall, the intent is for the golf course to become more financially sustainable and to provide the best possible value for Saanich taxpayers with the goal of fair and equitable access to all residents.

You can read the full report, with more details on the recommendations, in the September 23 Council meeting agenda at

Media contact:
Tiana Solares
Senior Manager, Recreation