Heavy snow expected in Saanich this weekend

February 12, 2021

We have put together some information here regarding what gets cleared when, who is responsible for certain areas and who to contact for more information.

Stay safe and have fun!

Snow and ice FAQ's

Information and commonly asked snow and ice program questions.

Winter road maintenance - details

Public Works makes use of weather technology to monitor and predict when cold weather is coming 24/7.  When cold weather is predicted our crews are out pre-treating roads with de-icing brine.  We are responsible for keeping over 600 km of roads safe, which means we need to prioritize.  When snowfall is likely, our first priorities are:

  • Major and collector streets consisting of high volume roads and streets that connect us to our transportation system.
  • Designated BC Transit bus routes.
  • Pre-identified steep hills. We attempt to get to these within 24 hours of a heavy snowfall.

Snow plowing priority routes will continue as long as adverse weather conditions exist.  Once these routes remain safe and passable, we then start on our lower traffic volume minor collector roads and residential streets.

Please direct all requests, comments and concerns to Public Works at 250-475-5599, 24/7 service.

When are bike lanes cleared of snow?

Cyclist are to use caution when riding in winter conditions.  We do our best to incorporate bike lanes when clearing our roads although at this time, we're not equipped to provide snow clearing from any of the protected bike lanes.

Off Ramps and Highways

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for all highway maintenance activities including snow clearing of our off ramps and highways within Saanich.  This service is currently contracted out to EMCON Services Inc. who are available 24/7, year round at 1-866-353-3136.

Snow & Ice in Saanich Parks - details

We clear snow and ice from our municipal facility entrances and parking lots:

  • Police and Fire stations
  • Municipal Hall
  • Recreation Centres
  • Libraries
  • Larger municipal parks

The areas the Parks team clears may change based on conditions after each winter storm. It will usually be as follows:

  • First priority – Fire Halls and Police Station
  • Second priority – Municipal Hall, Engineering building, Recreation Centres and Libraries
  • Third priority – Paved park parking lots and hard surface trails

Allow extra time for travel and wear appropriate foot wear to avoid slipping. Look out for freezing water and deep slush. Watch out for crews and equipment working. Try to park out of the way of snow ploughs.

Did you know it is the responsibility of all property owners and occupants to clear and remove snow and ice from Municipal sidewalks?  That means when it snows, we are challenged to locate our snow boots and shovels, and dig out our driveways and sidewalks.  Fulfilling your responsibilities can improve the quality of life for all residents of Saanich and reduce injuries caused by slips and falls.