Get Ready to Shake Out!

October 14, 2021

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Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes practices his ‘drop cover and hold on’ with Emergency Program Captain Erin Stockill in advance of the ShakeOut drill on October 21, 2021 at 10:21 a.m.


 Get Ready to Shake Out!

Saanich, BC – In 1946, Vancouver Island experienced a magnitude 7.0 earthquake which led to damage in Victoria, Vancouver and Port Alberni. The epicentre was located near Forbidden Plateau in the Comox area however, we still have a limited understanding of the processes which caused it. This event serves as an important reminder that earthquakes occur in our region and that we still have lots to learn. One thing we do know is how to prepare, and that’s what ShakeOut is all about! As we lead up to this province-wide earthquake drill, Saanich reminds residents to plan, prepare and participate.

“As we hear in the media, “The BIG ONE” is coming. Let’s help each other prepare. Practicing to drop, cover and hold on is not only our opportunity to practice how to protect ourselves during an earthquake, it can also help prevent strains on emergency officials, first responders and community agencies after a major disaster,” said Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes. “I invite everyone to join me in taking cover in a safe space as part of the ShakeOut drill on October 21 and to learn what to do before, during and after an earthquake.”

As part of the ShakeOut drill on October 21, 2021, Saanich staff will practise ‘drop cover and hold on’ along with over 1 million other British Columbians at 10:21 a.m. Whether at home or at work, residents are encouraged to be prepared, have a plan and make a kit.

“ShakeOut provides a great opportunity for Saanich residents to practice taking protective measures in an earthquake as well as update their household emergency plan and kit,” said Brock Henson, Deputy Fire Chief. “Whether it’s an earthquake, winter storm or another emergency event, having a plan and kit in place and being prepared improves one’s ability to stay safe and recover from an emergency quicker.”

“Saanich’s website, along with social media, are key communication channels during emergencies,” said Henson. “We encourage residents to check out our emergency notification page demonstration on as part of ShakeOut on October 21.”

Quick Facts:

  • The District of Saanich showcases its emergency notification page on twice per year: on ShakeOut Day this year on October 21 and during Emergency Preparedness Week in May.
  • The page is enabled in an emergency and provides residents with important information when accessing any Saanich web page.
  • Check out our emergency notification page demonstration on as part of ShakeOut on October 21.
  • Saanich is hosting a ShakeOut colouring contest. Visit to enter and win great prizes!


Learn More: 

  • For more information or to register for ShakeOut BC, please visit:   
  • To view the emergency notification page during ShakeOut BC, please visit:  
  • Saanich offers many presentations and workshops to help residents prepare.
  • To learn more about emergency preparedness or volunteering with the Saanich Emergency Program, contact 250-475-7140.


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Brock Henson, Deputy Fire Chief
Saanich Fire Department