West Saanich Rd and Prospect Lake Rd / Sparton Road Intersection update

March 12, 2020

Update as of March 11, 2020

After extensive public feedback, the preferred design of a new traffic signal was chosen for the intersection of West Saanich/Prospect Lake/Sparton. The traffic signal design had the added benefits of limiting parking impacts to the surrounding businesses and a safer design for pedestrians and cyclists.

Please review a summary of the public open house in this supplemental technical memo [PDF - 10 MB].

See the proposed design [PDF - 7 MB].

Project Goals:

  • Improve traffic movements at the intersection
  • Provide safe facilities that promote safe streets and more people walking and riding bikes
  • Extend pedestrian pathway/walkway from Whitehead Park at Goward Rd to the Community Hall to close any gaps
  • Upgrade Watermain Design from the intersection to the Prospect Lake school


Full information relating to the project can be found on our Current Projects page.