Additional Appointments to Advisory Committees for 2020

January 15, 2020

The District of Saanich is continuing the search for residents wishing to be involved in local government by sitting as a member of an Advisory Committee or Foundation.  Appointments effective 2020 are made by Council and are generally for a one year term.  If you would like to serve your community we encourage you to apply.



The Council Advisory Committees listed below deal with a wide range of municipal topics.  Most meet on a monthly basis except in July, August and December.  The terms of reference for each committee are available online at or by contacting the Legislative Services Division at 250‑475‑5501.


Please note that Youth aged 16 – 24 years are encouraged to apply to be the Youth Representative for the following Advisory Committees.  Youth members are full voting committee members.


Advisory Committee


Active Transportation

1 regular member & 1 youth member

Arts, Culture and Heritage

1 youth member

Environment and Natural Areas

1 regular member & 1 youth member

Healthy Saanich

3 regular members & 1 youth member

Parks, Trails and Recreation

3 regular members & 1 youth member

Planning, Transportation and Economic Development

3 regular members &1 youth member



The Foundation is a registered non-profit society that promotes the preservation, maintenance and restoration of buildings, structures and land located in the District of Saanich which have been designated as Municipal Heritage Sites by Saanich Council.  Applications are now being accepted to fill 2 vacancies.  The terms of reference can be found at For more information, contact Shirley Leggett, Secretary at 250-475-5501 or by e-mail:


HOW TO APPLY TO COMMITTEES AND THE FOUNDATION:  Saanich residents interested in being considered for an appointment must provide a résumé and complete an Application for Appointment form. [PDF - 137 KB]  For more information please contact the Legislative Services Division at 250-475-5501.



Submit to the Legislative Services Division, District of Saanich, 770 Vernon Avenue, Victoria, B.C., V8X 2W7, or by e-mail: