Galloping Goose/ Carey Road connection upgrade begins next week

March 23, 2017

Information bulletin
For immediate release


Saanich, BC – Saanich is improving walking and cycling conditions for all users on the popular pathway between Uptown and the Galloping Goose regional trail.

Working with CRD Parks, BC Transit and Uptown, Saanich has developed a plan to improve the connection between the Galloping Goose and Carey Road at the Ravine Way intersection. Improvements consist of construction of a 4m-wide asphalt multi-use pathway at accessible grades, concrete staircase leading to existing stairs and a new concrete bus stop pad.

The project is scheduled to begin March 27 and will take approximately 8 weeks to complete, pending favorable weather conditions. There will be occasional traffic disruptions; however, most of the work will not be on the road.

As part of these enhancements, the short pedestrian underpass below Carey Road bridge will be closed. This section is often the site of litter and vandalism and removing access to this walkway will improve safety without compromising accessibility for those with mobility constraints. The new construction will maintain access to the remainder of the existing pathway.

Future cycling and pedestrian amenities adjacent to the Uptown property will be built by the developer as part of their construction plan.

How will this project improve Saanich?

• Improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure to the Saanich core.

• Enhance the connection between the Galloping Goose Regional Trail and nearby business destinations like the Uptown Center.

• Provide an all-ages, all-abilities connection to future cycling tracks and sidewalks planned for Ravine Way and Carey Road.




Media Contact: 

Harley Machielse
Director of Engineering

See concept drawing [PDF - 3.4 MB]