Have your say on food security and agriculture in Saanich

July 26, 2016

Are you able to access nutritious affordable food in Saanich?  Are local food products easily accessible to you? 

We are creating a plan for local government action to improve food security and enhance agriculture in our community and we need to hear from you. 

Take our survey to let us know what you think needs to happen in Saanich to enhance agriculture and improve our food security.  The survey can be done online at www.saanich.ca/food or you may pick one up at the Saanich Municipal Hall at 770 Vernon Ave. 

Food security exists when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. 

Sustainable agriculture enhances environmental quality and the resource base on which it depends; provides for basic human food and fiber needs; is economically viable; and enhances the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole over the long term.

 The survey closes July 31, 2016.

Quick Facts:

Did you know?

  • 21% (2,222 ha) of Saanich land is farmed;1
    • 68% of Saanich farms are under 10 acres in size; 1
    • 40% of the farm land in Saanich is crops and 22% is natural or managed pasture land;1
    • The majority of livestock production is hens & chickens; 1
      • Only 0.4% of the population of Saanich is actively involved in farming and 61% of farmers are over the age of 55.1
      • There are four community gardens operating in Saanich;
      • Local schools run a ‘Farm to School Program’ to provide healthy food at lunch;
      • Traditional First Nation foods on Vancouver Island includes herring, rabbit, ducks, goose eggs, crab, scallop, shrimp, clams, berries, seaweed, deer, moose and a large variety of fish;
      • The agricultural soil capability rating in the Saanich is generally very high.
 1)       Statistics Canada Census 2011: Agriculture data


Jane Evans, Planner
Phone: 250-475-5494 ext. 3401