Exhibitions at Saanich Municipal Hall

Date & Time: October 19, 2022 (8:30 am) - November 28, 2022 (4:30 pm)

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Main Floor Gallery

Ranjeet Dhaliwal, A Bouquet for Amrit

Main Floor Window

Saanich Archives
Women in Wartime: Saanich Women at Home and Abroad

Second Floor Gallery & Administration

Tiffany Prince, Urban Sedation

About the Artists and Exhibitions

Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Ranjeet lives on the West Coast with her three fur-leggèd friends. She can be found more-often-than-not meandering outside the lines. With her Muse guiding her creations, she holds steady in her belief that her pieces will work out.

Tiffany Prince

This series was a dive into exploring “fine art” versus “street art”. Using fine art techniques to portray street art aesthetic
and themes. In the art world different forms of art can be seen
as high brow or low brow and I wanted to challenge that perception. In my paintings
I enjoy using various mediums to create emotion and movement through different textures.
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Saanich Archives

Women in Wartime: Saanich Women at Home and Abroad
This exhibit aims to celebrates the efforts of Saanich women during WWI and WWII, both here at home and those who served abroad. From the nurses and RCAF Women’s Division members, to the mothers, wives and daughters
who remained behind, these women played a tremendous role towards an allied victory.