Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I learn more details about the data in the catalogue?

    We provide the following metadata summary for each dataset:

    • Abstract
    • Data publish date
    • Update frequency
    • Purpose
    • Attribution fields
    • Data source
    • Coordinate system
    • Geometry type
  2. What are the different formats available and how are they typically used?

    We provide the most commonly requested data formats:

    • CSV (Comma Separated Values);
    • DWG (AutoCAD 2013 Drawing);
    • GDB (Esri File Geodatabase);
    • SHP (Esri Shapefile).

    CSVs provide x,y coordinate point-based data, often opened in a spreadsheet or loaded into GIS applications where they are spatially enabled.

    DWG is a design drawing format often used in CAD-based applications such as AutoCAD.

    GDB and SHP are Esri spatial formats often used in Esri GIS applications. The newer geodatabase format carries more intelligence than the shapefile; however, you can use the open format shapefile in non-Esri applications.

  3. Can I request a spatial dataset that isn’t in the catalogue?

    Yes. Please send spatial data requests to Corporate GIS

  4. How current is the data?

    This varies. The metadata summary included with each dataset describes when we published the data and how frequently we update it.

  5. What is the coordinate system?

    All of our vector based data such as Parcels, Streets, Infrastructure are all stored in coordinate system UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) Zone 10 North, NAD83 CSRS (North American Datum CSRS).