Saanich leaf collection program continues

January 19, 2023

January 19, 2023 update - The Leaf Collection program continues, following our restart after the snow.  Our hard-working crews are still working in Zone 1, an area we had targeted to complete by December 30.  We are tasked with collecting a large volume of water-logged leaf piles - it is slow going as our staff and equipment struggle to vacuum up the decomposing material.   We are asking for your patience.

We intend to keep the program going well into February, as required.  Residents are encouraged to transfer the leaves into your green organics cart, or to bring the leaves into the Garden Waste Drop-off facility.  Maintaining the quality of the leaf piles remains important, and Saanich crews will not collect piles that contain a lot of pine needles, branches, or other contaminants.

We have 2 leaf trucks and crews working - they continue to follow their street route lists and are not being directed to specific piles at this time.  Until we complete the second passes (estimated by February 17, 2023) we are unable to confirm when specific streets or leaf piles will be collected.

We greatly appreciate your help and patience. To notify us about a missed leaf pile after February 17, please email