Fire insurance premium savings now possible for many Saanich buildings

September 18, 2023

Media release

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Saanich, BC –Thanks to Saanich Fire’s outstanding score in a recent Fire Underwriters Survey, many owners of residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings throughout the district will be eligible for savings on their fire insurance premiums.  

“Saanich Fire is proud to have achieved such a high rating in the 2023 Fire Underwriter Survey,” said Fire Chief Michael Burgess. “We appreciate the support from Saanich Mayor and Council as our department has responded to increased community growth and response demands through increases in staffing, modernization of our fire apparatus, equipment, and fire stations. The District’s investment in fire services and continued planning for the future fire protection needs of Saanich residents has greatly increased the level of service that we are able to provide.”

What is the Fire Underwriters survey?

The Fire Underwriters Survey is a national organization that was established by the Insurance Advisory Association in 1978 and is the sole administrator of the Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index. The index is used by the insurance industry to determine fire insurance premiums which are reflective of the level of fire protection made available to the community.

Through the Fire Underwriters Survey evaluation and grading process, Saanich Fire has secured a Public Fire Protection Classification grade 2 on the Fire Insurance Grading Index.  Saanich Fire is one of only few fire departments in the province with a grade 2 or better Public Fire Protection Classification rating which is reflective of a very high standard of fire protection. 

Fire insurance premium savings for many residents and businesses

As a result of the new rating, in addition to owners of multi-family, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings throughout the district, ninety-nine percent of all residents living in the non-hydrant protected areas of Saanich are now eligible for fire insurance premium savings.

Residents and business owners should speak to their insurers when renewing their insurance policies.


Media contact:
Fire Chief Michael Burgess
Saanich Fire Department