Spectator restrictions remain in place at Saanich Commonwealth Place

March 4, 2022

Information bulletin

March 4, 2022

Currently, spectators are not permitted at Saanich Commonwealth Place during high performance aquatic competitions. Our primary objective is to provide safe swim meets for the hundreds of athletes that will travel from around the province and country to compete this season. Our dedicated staff are working hard to ensure these events are a success.

While the provincial health officer allows spectators at sporting events as of February 16, Dr. Henry also encouraged organizations to make risk-based decisions for their operations.

We worked closely with our high performance aquatic clubs to adapt and update the High Performance Competition Guidelines since resuming competitions last fall. We also worked closely with Swim BC and Swimming Canada to support and organize these sporting events that allow athletes the opportunity to compete some for the first time since the pandemic began.

In our guidelines we increased athlete capacity for aquatic events. To safely accommodate more athletes, we use spectator bleachers as a staging area to prevent congestion on the pool deck. This precludes the ability to host spectators as there will not be space in the bleachers.

In addition, Saanich Commonwealth Place is experiencing the effects of staffing shortages that are impacting many sectors at this point in the pandemic. Unfortunately, the extra burden of hundreds of spectators in addition to the athletes, volunteers and regular facility users cannot be supported by our facility maintenance team at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Good luck to all competing athletes!


Media contact:
Jennifer Jakobsen
Manager, Saanich Commonwealth Place