Second intake for the Community E-bike Incentive Pilot Program

April 7, 2022

Second intake for the Community E-bike Incentive Pilot Program

Good news for aspiring e-bike riders! A limited number of additional incentives will soon be available to Saanich residents as part of the Community E-Bike Incentive Pilot Program.

This second intake for e-bike incentives is limited to Saanich residents who meet household income requirements. The second intake will provide 40 $1,600 incentives, followed by 75 $800 incentives.

How do I sign up for a $1,600 incentive?

  1. Create an ActiveNet account, if you don’t already have one
    • You are encouraged to create an ActiveNet account before the registration date. As with many of our popular programs, registration may fill up quickly.
  1. Register for the E-bike Intake program. Registration opens on April 13 at 7:00 a.m. 
    • Please note that registration for the $1,600 tier incentives is administered on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Registration in the E-bike program via ActiveNet is the first step to qualify for an incentive. Registration alone does not guarantee access to an incentive. See for full program details.

Who do I call for ActiveNet help?

Contact any Saanich recreation centre for help with creating an account or registration.

Upcoming $800 incentive

The intake for the $800 incentives will take place once all the $1,600 tier incentives are pre-approved, which will likely occur in late May. Visit for updates.

About the E-bike Pilot

  • Funding for this second intake is provided by an external source.
  • The E-bike Incentive Pilot Program is designed to gather a sufficient amount of survey data from participants for an associated UBC study on the impact of the pilot on climate action, rather than to meet current demand for e-bike incentives.
  • Once the findings of the pilot have been formally shared, Saanich will use the results to inform future climate programs.  

Learn more

For more information, including income qualification and full program terms and conditions, visit