Saanich Housing Strategy gains momentum with the approval of a four-year funding plan

February 2, 2022

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Key actions being initiated as part of the Housing Strategy in 2022 include developing a Missing Middle Housing Program

Saanich Housing Strategy gains momentum with the approval of a four-year funding plan

Saanich, BC – Saanich Council approved a four-year funding strategy to support the recently adopted Housing Strategy at its January 31, 2022 Council Meeting. The approval of the funding strategy allows for the immediate implementation of priority actions identified as the most impactful for improving housing outcomes in Saanich.

The Housing Strategy is a 10-year framework that provides direction on how Saanich can achieve greater housing supply, affordability and diversity and accommodate a broad range of community housing needs now and into the future.

"Approving funding to implement key priority actions in the Housing Strategy is ensuring significant progress continues towards meeting our goals of increasing the supply, diversity and affordability of housing in Saanich," said Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes. "There is an urgent need to address housing challenges in our community I am thrilled that we’re making progress on this very important work."

The Strategy identifies 73 immediate, high, medium and low priority actions to address areas of greatest housing needs. While a number of actions have been initiated already, Council’s decision ensures sustained funding to make continued progress on tackling vital community priorities. In addition, the funding strategy supports the hiring of two new staff members dedicated to housing initiatives and in support of the recently approved Housing Planning and Policy Manager.

Significant actions to be initiated in 2022 include:

  • Missing Middle Housing Program
  • Land Capacity Analysis
  • Centre, Corridor and Village Plans
  • Housing Monitoring and Evaluation Program
  • Support for Rental Housing

Missing Middle Housing Program

Developing a Missing Middle Housing Program for housing that fills the gap between single-family dwellings and larger scale apartments is a top priority for 2022. It will be implemented in various ways, including through new policies and design guidelines and amendments to existing bylaws. The Program is a key district-wide action for increasing the supply and diversity of housing in Saanich, particularly for households with children.

Land Capacity Analysis

Conducting a Land Capacity Analysis supported by market data and other metrics is essential to analyze the current capacity for residential development, land use opportunities and constraints. The analysis will also help Saanich anticipate the density required to absorb future housing growth, stabilize housing prices and accommodate projected housing needs. This initiative is considered a fundamental action that will support various housing initiatives, including district-wide projects and area-specific plans.

Centre, Corridor and Village Plans

The development of Centre, Corridor and Village (CCV) Plans is a key priority for 2022. This approach focusses on areas that have the greatest opportunities to support a diversity of housing opportunities. Planning work will align with Climate Plan objectives and active transportation priorities to create housing units in a sustainable manner. A work plan for the phasing of Centre, Corridor and Village Plans will be delivered to Council in March 2022.

Housing Monitoring and Evaluation Program

The monitoring program aims to track progress towards implementing and achieving Housing Strategy actions and will provide updates through annual progress reports. Monitoring progress will also ensure the Strategy remains relevant, responding to new and emerging trends and providing information to ensure actions are supporting desired housing outcomes.

Support for Rental Housing

Exploring options to further support and incentivize the development of new purpose-built rental housing is an important initiative to address the shortage of rental housing in the community. Resources will also be put towards developing policies, incentives and regulations to help retain and renew existing purpose-built rental housing that provides units at more affordable rates than newly constructed units.

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