Help us help you by marking your driveway with a reflective address sign

May 11, 2022

Media Release

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Members of the Saanich Fire Department demonstrate how a reflective address sign can help make your rural home easier to find during an emergency.

Help us help you by marking your driveway with a reflective address sign

Saanich, BC –The Saanich Fire Department is excited to announce the launch of a new Reflective Address Sign Program and is asking rural Saanich residents to help make their homes easier to find by marking their driveways.

In an emergency, every second counts. A few minutes may be too late in a medical emergency or fire. The quicker Saanich Fire Department can reach your home in a crisis, the faster they can help. After nightfall or in adverse weather conditions, it can be challenging to identify a house or locate a particular driveway, especially in rural areas.

To make your home easier to find at any time, the Saanich Fire Department is asking that you participate in the Reflective Address Sign Program. The Program provides a prominent way of displaying your home address and helps our emergency personnel deliver the assistance of need quickly during an emergency.

Used in many municipalities, these blue and white reflective markers are all the same colour and shape and are easier to see by approaching emergency responders during night hours or bad weather conditions.

“All too often, when responding to a rural address for an emergency in the evening or early morning, it can be hard to find the house number,” said Lieutenant Inspector Sean Lillis of the Fire Prevention Division. “If you have a reflective marker, we can see the address right away and won’t waste precious time looking for it.”

Saanich Fire Prevention encourages residents in Rural Saanich, 10 Mile Point, Arbutus/Queenswood, and along Cordova Bay Road to invest in a reflective marker.

Residents can order a sign for $45, paid for in advance at our Number 1 Fire Station, located at 760 Vernon Avenue. When you order a sign, a firefighter can come to your home, determine the marker’s best location and assist with installation, if needed.

For residents planning to install a reflective address sign post, it’s always good to click or call BC 1 Call to avoid potential safety hazards before digging.

Please help us help you. Order your sign today!

Please help us find you. Order your sign today by contacting our Fire Prevention Division at 250-475-5500 or email us at




Media Contact:
Sean Lillis
Lieutenant Inspector, Fire Prevention Division
Saanich Fire Department