Update on the Quadra storm drain replacement project

August 13, 2021

We are wrapping up work on the Quadra storm drain replacement project, which showcases the work of Engineering Department; delivering infrastructure upgrades from inception to completion. There is a tremendous level of effort, coordination, and planning that goes into completing a project of this size.

Over the past couple of weeks, staff have been working together to deliver underground and surface upgrades to Quadra Street which include:

  1. Replacing 62 meters of old wooden stave storm drain with concrete box culverts
  2. Installing a 20 meter long concrete retaining wall to support the new storm drain infrastructure;
  3. Replacing more than 50 sidewalk panels; and
  4. A series of road repairs. 

When this work is completed, Quadra between Falmouth Road and McKenzie Avenue will have a full pavement overlay including new pavement markings.

Here is a video showing some of the work being done to replace the pipe and create the retaining wall.

Thank you to the community for your patience through the closure!