Saanich Fire Department reminds residents of summer fire safety tips

August 6, 2021

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Saanich Fire Department reminds residents of summer fire safety tips

Saanich, BC – It’s heating up out there! As we move into the warmer summer month’s residents are reminded that fire safety is top of mind for the Saanich Fire Department and to follow summer fire safety practices, including all local and provincial burning regulations.

Saanich Fire Department works closely with the Saanich Parks department to reduce the fire risk while providing safe, accessible parks for residents and valuable habitat for wildlife. Extensive measures are in place to ensure the protection of homes and natural areas in Saanich, including access routes for fire response in parks and conducting site-specific training exercises.

“The majority of Saanich’s parks are located in the urban area where there’s not a significant risk for large wildfires, says Saanich Fire Department’s (SFD) Deputy Fire Chief Frank Macdonald. “However, when the fire danger rating is extreme, it’s important to follow summer fire safety practices and be aware that there are enforcement options available to hold people accountable for open burning which includes beach fires.”

Saanich Fire Department also reminds residents, that while the fire danger rating is listed as extreme, risks are significantly reduced by abiding by the following summer fire safety practices:

  • Ensure cigarette butts are put out properly in an ashtray and not tossed away carelessly.
  • Beach fires are not permitted at any location in Saanich.
  • Open burning is not permitted.
  • Burning wood in an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, pizza oven or chiminea is not permitted.
  • Propane, natural gas or charcoal briquette fueled appliances designed and used for cooking food are allowed.
  • Propane or natural gas fueled appliances specifically designed as outdoor heaters are allowed, provided the appliance is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified.

With the extreme fire danger risk looking to continue through August and to align with the Provincial Campfire prohibition and enforcement, a zero tolerance approach for open burning, including beach fires, is in effect. This means that a beach fire offence will result in a fine without warning under the new Fire Prevention and Life Safety Bylaw.

The Saanich Fire Department aims to keep everyone who lives and works in our community safe and encourages residents to report any unsafe activities, including beach fires. Dial 911 if it’s an emergency or call 250-475-5500 to report non-emergency issues.

Background facts

  • The CWPP identifies areas of higher risk for wildfires, provides a framework to review and assess areas of identified high fire risk, and guides the enhancement of emergency plans, education programs, and the management of potentially hazardous forest lands adjacent to the community.
  • In addition to the CWPP, training is underway all year long to ensure the safety of residents, including those living in higher risk and rural areas within Saanich.

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