Saanich fire rating still at extreme

August 26, 2021

Even with a little rain, the Saanich Fire rating is still at extreme.

Remember to continue to be careful with smoking materials and NO beach fires at any time.

Firefighters will no longer be giving warning tickets, first-time offences will cost you. Let's keep Saanich safe!

Use common sense to prevent fires

  • Ensure cigarette butts are put out properly in an ashtray and not tossed away carelessly.
  • Beach fires are not permitted at any location in Saanich.
  • Open burning is not permitted.
  • Burning wood in an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, pizza oven or chiminea is not permitted.
  • Propane, natural ga
    s or charcoal briquette fueled appliances designed and used for cooking food are allowed.
  • Propane or natural gas-fueled appliances specifically designed as outdoor heaters are allowed, provided the appliance is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified.

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