Saanich Fire Department re-accreditation could mean potential insurance savings for rural Saanich homeowners

April 29, 2021

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Saanich Fire Department re-accreditation could mean potential insurance savings for rural Saanich homeowners

Saanich, BC – Over 680 rural Saanich residents could be eligible for reduced fire  insurance premiums now that the Saanich Fire Department has successfully passed a re-accreditation process recognizing their ability to transport water to fire scenes that aren’t close to hydrants.

“The proximity of a home to a fire hydrant or fire station is one of the key factors home insurance providers evaluate when determining the price of a fire insurance policy,” said Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes. “Achieving re-accreditation is a testament to the dedication of our fire department and the level of fire protection services we provide to the community. Residents in rural Saanich will continue to receive a high level of service when they need it most, and potentially some cost savings on fire insurance premiums.”

The Fire Underwriters Survey Superior Tanker Shuttle Service accreditation recognizes a fire department’s ability to supply water to a fire scene in sufficient volume equivalent to a hydrant water supply. This enhanced service is provided when a fire department is able to demonstrate that it can “shuttle” water to a fire scene by way of tanker trucks in a volume equal to or greater than that of a municipal hydrant system.

By receiving this accreditation, the fire insurance grading index for residential properties in waterless areas of Saanich may have changed and homeowners could see a significant reduction in their annual fire insurance premiums.

Quick facts

  • Properties in waterless areas of Saanich may be eligible for reduced home insurance rates if they are located within 5 km by road of a hydrant and within 8 km of a fire station.
    • Saanich’s new mutual and automatic aid response agreements with the Districts of Central Saanich and Highlands further extends the accredited coverage area to include an additional 174 Saanich properties.
    • The Saanich Fire Department received Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation in 2013 and was re-accredited in 2020. This accreditation is good for five years and expires in 2025.



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Fire Chief Michael Burgess
Saanich Fire Department