Information regarding the BC Vaccine Card

October 29, 2021

As of October 24, patrons must have two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine to access the programs/services listed under "required":


  • All weight room visits (13+yrs)
  • All indoor adult fitness activities regardless of intensity 
  • All indoor adult sport activities including but not limited to racquets, hockey, basketball and pickleball 
  • Adults present at child and youth (21 and under) sports and activities; includes coaches, volunteers and parents accompanying and supporting a child’s participation
  • All spectators of indoor sports
  • All events over 50 people (presentations, meetings, etc.)

 Not Required: 

  • Swimming pool activities
  • Child and youth (21 and under) sports and activities
  • Outdoor sports or activities
  • Parental drop off or pick up from youth activities
  • General facility access/use such as washrooms, changerooms and showers
  • Golf and pro shop access
  • Adult general activities under 50 persons (i.e., pottery, art, general interest, etc.)

Arenas and indoor ice skating rinks are no longer exempt.

*To meet the requirements of the Public Health Order, staff will ask to see your proof of vaccination card and one piece of valid government-issued photo identification. Youth aged 13-18 who are accessing the weight room are only required to show proof of vaccination and not government-issued photo ID. Please see the BC Proof of Vaccination website for more information 

Please be aware that at this time proof of vaccination will be required every time you come to the facility. Please leave yourself sufficient time to do so. To help speed up entry please have your documents ready.

As the order becomes more clear and clarification has been made over the next weeks some of these requirements may change. Please see the BC Proof of Vaccinations for Business website for more information.