Home safety inspections save lives: ensure your property is up to code

August 31, 2021

Home safety inspections save lives: ensure your property is up to code

Saanich, BC – Saanich Bylaw Services reminds homeowners and renters alike of the importance of adherence to building and fire code requirements and safety guidelines for residential properties.

Bylaw Services perform 100’s of routine safety inspections every year on all types of residences in the municipality. These inspections can save lives. This process can be initiated by a concerned neighbour, past resident or through the building permit process. These safety inspections often include a member from the Fire Department, Police Department, Building Department as well as an Electrical Inspector from Technical Safety BC.

Inspections save lives

Following a call from a resident, Saanich Bylaw staff and a Fire Prevention Officer from the Saanich Fire Department visited a home this past spring. Upon inspection, it was determined that several safety improvements needed to be made to the premises of this particular home, including the enlargement of a window in a bottom floor bedroom as a second means of egress. The owner of the home followed through with this inspection, enlarging the window and bringing it up to code.

Earlier this month the home was involved in a structure fire, requiring two of the occupants and a dog to seek escape through the window identified in the safety inspection, which would not have been possible in the previous configuration.

Additional information

  • All changes to the structure of a building should be done with a permit and proper inspection process.
  • Homes need to be maintained to BC Fire Code Standards.
  • BC Building Code and Fire Code are companion documents to ensure your safety.
  • Saanich Fire sees a marked increase in calls from parents of university students returning to school in fall, inquiring whether accommodations meet Fire Codes.
  • Saanich Fire has a wealth of information for homeowners and renters at saanich.ca/fire.
  • Saanich Inspections and Bylaw Services have information on the permit process and the BC Building Code.

Bylaw Services, Building Inspections, and the Police and Fire Departments work together to keep Saanich safe. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, safety inspections are conducted to ensure the residents of Saanich are protected in their homes.

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