G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre and Spectrum Community School share “community” through new art exhibit

April 29, 2021

G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre and Spectrum Community School share “community” through new art exhibit

The windows of the Gold Area at G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre are being transformed into windows that reflect our community thanks to a new collaborative project between Saanich’s Community Services Division, G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre and Spectrum Community School.

As the slab replacement project is underway over the next several months, the 27 windows looking into the Gold Arena in the heart of the centre became an opportunity to reflect the community through the eyes of senior art students from Spectrum Community School.

The concept to transform the windows of the Gold Arena into a site-specific exhibition opportunity came out of discussions between Pearkes Recreation Programmer Sadeep Keram, Community Arts Programmer Brenda Weatherston, and Spectrum’s Visual Arts Teacher Moira Raynor-Atterbury.

"On behalf of GR Pearkes Community Recreation Centre, we are so thankful to have such talented artists in our community,” said G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre Programmer Sadeep Keram. “We are excited to provide an opportunity to publicly showcase their work."

As a group, artists discussed the nature and elements of community from a range of perspectives. Each artist explored what community meant to them and began develop ideas through to a finished piece. Finished pieces depict subjects that range from places important to them in our community, to parts of their own identity that link them to a community, to more abstract ideas and definitions of community. Each work was done in a monochromatic colour that when combined present a spectrum of colours, which is a shout out to their own community—Spectrum Community School—the place where these artistic visions were created.

The colourful and captivating results are sure to capture the eye of community members using the facility through the summer, as well as online as the artwork will be shared on Saanich and Spectrum’s social media.



Media contact:
Brenda Weatherston
Community Arts Specialist