Snow removal continues throughout the day

January 15, 2020

Saanich crews have been running a 24 hour operation of plowing all major roads. Due to the amount of snow it can shift across the surface and make it seem like it has not been plowed. Major routes have been cleared and crews are working through residential areas.

We are starting the clean up phase on the arterial roadways, such as McKenzie (Quadra, Shelbourne, Tillicum, etc). This requires that we dedicate two units to tandem plowing from the centerline to the curb. This takes time as crews have to work around motorists on the roadway to achieve the best results.

Saanich crews ensure priority routes are treated first:

  • Emergency access routes
  • Major roads
  • Priority bus routes
  • Steep residential hills
  • Priority sidewalks and bridges

More information is available on our previous news post.