New provincial health orders: Saanich Parks

November 26, 2020

As per the new provincial health orders, no park permit applications that may encourage social activities in parks such as picnics, events or gatherings are currently being accepted or issued. Some existing permits will continue under COVID-19 protocols and safety plans (e.g., amateur sports).

The provincial health orders also restrict certain activities such as no spectators at indoor or outdoor sports and no activity with teams from outside the Capital Regional District (CRD). This means park permit holders cannot host teams, groups and individuals from outside the CRD at any Saanich facility. This is effective immediately until further notice.

You can still enjoy one of Saanich’s 170 parks and more than 100 kilometres of trails by going for a walk with your immediate household members or one other close contact while keeping physical distance. The playgrounds remain open, but we recommend coming back later if it’s busy.

Please continue to wash your hands regularly, remain two metres part for appropriate physical distancing and wear your masks in all indoor publicly accessible and common areas of our facilities.