Park ambassador pilot project launches in Mount Doug Park

March 20, 2018

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Saanich, BC – Visitors to Mount Douglas Park in Saanich this summer will receive educational opportunities through a new park ambassador pilot project. Saanich will recruit volunteers who will spend a few hours per week in the park from May to September 2018.  

Mount Douglas Park is Saanich’s largest and busiest park with more than 400,000 visitors annually. The park contains a diverse range of ecosystems from ocean to hilltop, including several species at risk.

The park ambassadors will greet visitors, offer information and answer questions about the park and trails to educate visitors about their role in preserving the park. Volunteers will benefit from social connections and the opportunity to learn more about the park’s natural and cultural history.

“Our park ambassadors will serve as model environmental stewards by providing public education and awareness for visitors to one of Saanich’s most popular parks,” said Councillor and Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Committee Chair Dean Murdock.

Saanich Parks staff worked with the Friends of Mount Douglas Park Society to develop the pilot project and continue to explore opportunities with neighbouring First Nations. The budget for the pilot project is $30,000 and will include program development, volunteer recruitment, supervision and support, supporting materials and honoraria. If the summer 2018 pilot project proves successful, Saanich staff will explore the potential expansion of the park ambassador project into other Saanich parks.

More information about the parks ambassador pilot project and volunteer recruitment will be available on in the coming weeks.


Media contacts:
Councillor Dean Murdock

Eva Riccius, Senior Manager, Parks
250-475-5494 ext. 5523