Catch a bird's eye view of Saanich using our new aerial photograph

February 14, 2018

We are pleased to publish our most recent aerial photograph of Saanich on our GIS map service.

Saanich continues to enhance the way citizens, businesses, partners, and educational institutions can query and understand spatial information. This latest aerial photograph was taken in May 2017 and has a high degree of resolution. Those interested are invited to have a look using our interactive GIS map service.

What is GIS?

Saanich GIS – an information service
The Geographic Information System (GIS) map service lets you access public data through maps. We aim to provide integrated, accessible and easy-to-use map tools that will enhance and support the community.

With the map service you can:
  • View, query, create, print and share maps and reports with others.
  • Access more than 90 layers of information. View the layers list [PDF - 22 KB].